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For every one of us, the last 12 months have been tough. To varying degrees of course — someone said we’ve all been in the same storm, but on very different ships. Some sat comfortably on yachts, while others struggle to keep their dinghy afloat.

Whatever your vessel, maybe you can now see the storm starting to pass. Hopefully, you’re now making a plan to get back on track with your journey rather than simply keep your head above water.

If you’re a founder, particularly of a startup or scaleup, you’ll know that keeping your best people on board is…

Earlier this month ISL were recognised as the 11th Best Small Workplace in the UK, which of course I’m pleased about. I’m sure I’ll touch on some of the reasons that this makes me proud, but I’m not writing to show off and celebrate (at least not entirely 😄).

What I’m hoping to help you understand is:

- how we made mistakes when we were on a high

- how this unsurprisingly led to what could be seen as a fall from grace

- And, then, how that failure helped us learn and emerge stronger

And, if you can learn…

So it’s been argued the UK is leaving many of our most promising startups and scaleups to fend for themselves. And I’d agree.

But the need to strengthen and support our tech talent must be part of the rationale for supporting early stage businesses.

We’re jeopardising a tech startup and scaleup community that has made great strides in recent years, and one that could be key to recovery.

As I see it:

Tech is ever pervasive as an industry classification — lead in tech and your economy leads.

SMEs are the growth engine of the UK economy — I can…

Alan Furley

Helping tech scaleups grow | Strategic talent planning | Recruitment leader | Business advisor

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